Thursday, March 19, 2009

If you want to know Chris Brown birthday, he was born on May 5, 1989. Now you know the answer, however, do not hurry to leave our site. You have a chance to win an Apple Ipod or a Microsoft Zune, and Chris Brown's music will always be with you. All you have to do is to tell us if you're a Chris Brown's fan or not.
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Rihanna & Chris Brown Split?
Last week, she hit the town in Los Angeles, where she celebrated her belated birthday with girlfriends. The following night, she headed to the Geisha House ...

Rihanna: Belated Birthday with Beyonce and Jay-Z!
In related news, the rumors that Rihanna had a duet in the works with battering boyfriend Chris Brown following their domestic altercation have turned out ...

Rihanna enjoys birthday night out
However, there was no sign of Chris Brown, who the singer is rumoured to have reconciled with following a pre-Grammys incident last month, after which Brown ...

Chris Brown Admits Battering Rihanna
Brown called Rihanna to wish her a happy birthday, trying to reconcile and get back in her good graces. On her special day, she wanted to be with Brown, ...

Rihanna spotted in NYC, family plans intervention
Coming out of hiding, singer Rihanna was spotted in New York City Friday (March13) at The Spotted Pig for a belated Birthday bash sans Chris Brown. ...

Rihanna 'splits from Chris Brown'
RIHANNA has reportedly split from Chris Brown and been spotted celebrating a friend's birthday alone in a Manhattan bar.

Rihanna splits with Brown, flies solo in NY
RIHANNA has reportedly split from Chris Brown and has been been spotted celebrating a friend's birthday alone in a Manhattan bar. See the video

How to plan a perfect birthday party without breaking the bank
BLOOMINGTON -- Even the recession cant snuff the candles on childrens birthday cakes. While budget constraints may have deflated elaborate party plans, few children are going without their special day being recognized. | Photo gallery | Tips: Birthdays on a budget

Rihanna moves on after alleged attack by Brown
London, Mar 17 : Singer Rihanna, who was allegedly attacked by her beau Chris Brown and left with horrific injuries, has decided to chuck the bad memories and move on in life.

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